We have many programs and services to help newcomers transition to life in Canada. If you’re new to Canada, CentreCanada can help.

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Documentation Assistance

  • Interpreting Service
  • Written Translation Service
  • Form Filling Service

Food and Clothing

  • Donation Bank Service
  • Transportation Service
  • Laundry Service

Educational Assistance

  • Child Care Services
  • Language Teaching Courses Service
  • Community Library Service

Housing Aid

  • Guest House Service
  • Reception Service

Employment Assistance

  • Job Applications Support Service
  • Career Planning Service

Health Care

  • Appointment Service
  • First Aid Training Service

Dialogue and Integration

  • Seminars, workshops Service
  • Celebration Service
  • Parties, Exhibitions Service
  • Concerts & Events Service
  • Magazine Publishing Service
  • Sporting Events Organization Service

Special Assistance

  • Special meetings Service
  • Special Transportation Service
  • Medical Supply Support Service


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