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This form is for the individuals who would like to become members of the CentreCanada Newcomer Services Society. The member candidates must fill in this form to their best knowledge and go through the members' handbook before submitting this form. Each individual is responsible for the requirements of being a member of CentreCanada when they submit this application. By submitting this application, you consent to CentreCanada to collect and use your information to contact you about the matters such as membership renewal, announcements, and invitations to CentreCanada's upcoming events. You can withdraw your consent at any time in the future. CentreCanada is committed to keeping your information in strict confidence. Directly identifying information will be safeguarded and maintained under controlled conditions. Please check your email after your submission for further notices. If your application is approved, a supervisor or a coordinator will contact you for details. We appreciate your interest in CentreCanada. Do you agree with the above?


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