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CentreCanada will provide reliable and updated information along with the most essential services to newcomers. Please see our departments below for related information and services.

Documentation Assistance

Newcomers usually deal with lots of paperwork and applications. CentreCanada will provide documentation assistance.

Food and Clothing

How to reach specific food and essential clothes will be another title, we will assist newcomers.

Educational Assistance

Starting education from scratch or improving careers through courses will be provided by CentreCanada.

Employment Assistance

Our staff will assist newcomer to build up their careers utilizing the resources provided by local and government authorities.

Housing Aid

Along with the temporary accommodation assistance, newcomers will be informed about housing possibilities in their neighbourhoods.


Understanding each other and shaping the new life in a new community may be stressful. CentreCanada will devote itself to make the integration through dialogue with the help of its members and volunteers.


Helpful Resources

Accessing the information easily and quickly is our promise to all parties. Get the information you need, contribute and ask for services you are looking for

Support from Experience

We’re here to help

Any need, any request and any comment of all newcomers is our priority. We need to learn how we can be of help so we will reach you with our customized services.


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